Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An Apple Collage - Happy New Year!

Apple 66

This is it... my final apple. Unless someone throws an apple at my head and I decide to do it again.. but seriously, I'm thrilled to have made some money for the Crystal Lake Food Pantry and encourage anyone to buy some more of these apples. As long as they are for sale, I will give 20% of each sale to the pantry. HAPPY NEW YEAR, my apples are finished!!!

Apple 65

Apple 64

Apple 63

Apple 62

Apple 61

Apple 60

Apple 59

Apple 58

Apple 57

Apple 56

Apple 55

This one kind of looks like it's melting.

Apple 54

Apple 53

Apple 52

Apple 51

Apple 50

Apple 49

Apple 48

Apple 47